Spain Investor Visa Program in Middle East, Spain Golden Visa Program

Why Choose Spain ?

Spain as a country needs no introduction. It is one of the most beautiful country which boasts of a rich heritage, splendid castles, eye catching architecture, welcoming beaches and dozens of festivals. The country’s ever growing economy is highlighted with its tourism, energy, transportation, and agricultural industries. The rich culture combined with a youthful appeal makes Spain one of the most attractive cities for foreign investors to migrate.

Spain Investment Immigration & Permanent Residency Program

Spain introduced its citizenship by investment program in 2013. This investment program is a great opportunity for high income nationals investors who are looking to invest in a foreign country in exchange of a permanent Spanish residency.

Residency under the Spanish Investor Visa Program allows a real estate investor and their close family to live in Spain. The minimum investment for attaining the Golden Visa is a sum of Euros 500000 in Real estate and the investment should be kept for a period of 5 years. The Golden visa can be renewed after five years. In addition to this the investor and his or her family can also apply for permanent spanish residency after five years are completed or after they have resided in Spain for a minimum period of 183 days.

Advantages of Spain Citizenship by Investment and Permanent Residency Program :

As a team of experienced team of immigration consultants in Dubai with services spread across the entire Middle East we can vouch for Spanish investment program. It holds a lot of benefits for the foreign investors :

  • No Duration Limit :The legislation has no minimum duration of residence.
  • No Travel Restriction : When an investor makes a real investment in Spain to purchase a property then the investor is free to travel to Spain anytime without any visa application.
  • Citizenship of Spain : The family of the investor can reside in Spain on a permanent basis, with access to schools both state and private following the English curriculum. Eligibility for citizenship is typically after 10 years, at which point you will have access to study elsewhere at universities in Europe.
  • Europe Travel :Spanish citizenship automatically confers European Union citizenship which allows the investor and family to live and travel throughout the European Union without restriction.
  • No Taxation : An investor who resides in Spain for less than 183 days per year has no tax to pay.
  • Financial Flexibility :Under the Spain investment program the properties can be rented or leased to induce rental income.

Why Choose Stratix Consultants ?

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