Bulgaria citizenship by investment, Bulgraria residency program in Dubai

Bulgaria Permanent Residency and Citizenship Program in Middle East

Bulgaria flaunts a rich and diversified culture and is one of the youthful European Union member states. With its temperate climate and economic way of life it the perfect location in Southeast Europe. Our immigration consultants will guide you through the entire process of getting permanent residency and / or investor visa through Bulgaria Citizenship Investment program.

Bulgaria Permanent Residency Program allows a foreign investor to get a permanent residency in the country by means of investing in the Government bonds. To qualify, you should have total assets of 511,292 EUR. This sum must be deposited into a Governmental Bond Portfolio for speculation of 5 years. The full amount of 511,292 EUR is returned to the investor towards at the end of the 5 year period. There will be no interest on the money however, the venture is completely ensured by the Government bonds.

Next comes Citizenship by investment program offered by the Government of Bulgaria. This is where the expertise of immigration service providers come into picture. Although As per the guidelines bond investors in the Bulgarian residency programme can apply for Bulgarian citizenship after 5 years. With a proper professional guidance of immigration consultants the process of citizenship can get simplified and expedited. Our optimized plan of citizenship option enables applicants to apply for citizenship even quicker and twofold their venture.

Benefits of Bulgaria Permanent Residency and Citizenship :

Bulgaria is a beautiful amalgamation of leisure and a rich cultural heritage. It is a quaint place to live a peaceful life with your family. Bulgaria residency program offers a wide variety of advantages :

  • Risk free investment :Under the Bulgaria residency program the foreign investor needs to invest in Government free which is completely a risk free investment. There is no compulsion to make any kind of investment in real estate or any commercial enterprise.
  • Flexible Plan :Bulgaria residency or citizenship by investment program imposes no compulsion on the foreign investor to reside in the country. It is a bondage free options for those looking to relocate to a foreign land.
  • No Restriction Travel :Visa free travel or visa on arrival travel to more than 100 Non European countries
  • Bulgaria Citizenship Program :Under the Bulgaria Citizenship and investor visa program the foreigner applying for citizenship is not obliged to have the knowledge of Bulgarian language, he or she doesn’t need to have any any requirements pertaining to management and work experience, education, or age limit nor does the investor is not obliged to release his/her previous citizenship.

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Our team of immigration consultants will guide you with entire process of visa application. One the property has been selected our qualified immigration consultants and lawyers will take care of the application process, legal work, paper work and conveyancing without the client’s need to visit the country.