Citizenship by Investment Programs - Immigration Consultants in Middle East

Stratix Consultants is a team of expert immigration consultants in the Middle East with a prominent presence across all major Gulf countries. Our team of immigration consultants are migration experts with an in depth knowledge of the migration business. With a vast experience of 5 years our company has been assisting families and individuals who want to acquire Second Citizenship by investment, Permanent Residency ,Skilled immigration and Student Visa .Our immigration services are spread across several major countries like US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean.

Citizenship By Investment

At Stratix consultants we strongly believe that each individual should get a right opportunity to explore his or her full potential and a better standard of living beyond the boundaries of the country they are born in. Obtaining second citizenship of an unknown new country can be a long and tedious process. This is where our work as immigration consultants come into picture as we offer a smooth citizenship by investment program in Middle East for those looking to migrate.

For the uninitiated 'Citizenship by Investment Program' is a legal practice through which any individual can obtain a second citizenship in a country of their choice by making a real estate investment. Our immigration consultants in Middle East can assist you in getting a second citizenship and a second passport just by the process of making a real estate purchase in that country.

It is a practice popular among Governments of different countries to attract foreign investors specially the High Net Worth Income investors / foreigners.

The Citizenship by Investment program initiated by our team of immigration consultants offers benefit like :

  • Travel without restriction : It becomes easy for you to make frequent visit and travel to that country without applying for travel visa every now and then.
  • Residency : With a citizenship by investment program you are legally entitled to a second residence in a new country of your choice.
  • Lifestyle Benefits : Citizenship by investment programs gives you an easy access to better fundamental administrations, for example, medicinal services, training, security and transport.
  • Professional Benefits : Any individual with dual citizenship can apply for a job or do business in the second country.
  • Political and Social Benefits : Citizenship by Investment program lets you enjoy political benefits like right to vote and other social benefits.

Different options for Citizenship By Investment :

  • Real Estate : One of the options for dual citizenship is buying a residential or commercial property whether it's a full ownership, shared ownership or a lease for a particular time period.
  • Government Bonds :Some countries also give an option of getting second citizenship by means of purchasing government bonds without risking any investment or involving in any business.

At Stratix Consultants our team of immigration consultants in Middle East we have separate ourselves from other movement specialists as our set of accepted rules and morals are underlined by complete straightforwardness and are carefully clung to by our outcome situated group.