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Why Choose USA ?

The United States of America has a stable economy and lifestyle. A place which is well known for its tourism, countless places to visit and sightseeing. With the snow-covered peaks, forests, beaches, cities and open skies USA is home to such a big population.


EB-5 program is for individuals who want to apply for permanent residency in the US by means of investment in real estate. It is a quick process to receive USA permanent residency visa. Requirements of the program are as follows -

  • Investment - In the EB-5 program for Permanent Residency through investment, an amount of $500,000 is required to invest by the applicant and this amount is returnable.
  • Business Investment - If you invest in your own business and it helps create jobs for a minimum of 10 people in a period of two and a half years from the year of submission or a regional center project then you are eligible for permanent residency.
  • Other requirements - There are no education or experience requirements of the applicant.
Advantages of US Permanent Residency :
  • Family : Permanent Residency will also be given to the members of the applicant’s family i.e, spouse and children upto the age of 21 years.
  • Free Travel : Permanent residency visa holders are allowed to travel to and from USA without a visa.
  • Employment : There is no employment restrictions for Eb5 green card holders. They can obtain employment in any field.
  • Benefits : With USA permanent residency visa you will have access to medical benefits and social security.

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