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Why Choose USA ?

The United States of America has a stable economy and lifestyle. A place which is well known for its tourism, countless places to visit and sightseeing. With the snow-covered peaks, forests, beaches, cities and open skies USA is home to such a big population.


Permanent Residency Program of any country entitles the applicant to enjoy certain benefits associated with the program. The same holds true for the Eb 5 program initiated by United States of America. It is a quick process to receive USA permanent residency visa. Requirements of the program are as follows -

  • Investment - In the EB-5 program for Permanent Residency through investment, an amount of $900,000 is required to invest by the applicant and this amount is returnable.
  • Business Investment - If you invest in your own business and it helps create jobs for a minimum of 10 people in a period of two and a half years from the year of submission or a regional center project then you are eligible for permanent residency.
  • Other requirements - There are no education or experience requirements of the applicant.
Advantages of US Permanent Residency :
  • Family : Permanent Residency will also be given to the members of the applicant’s family i.e, spouse and children upto the age of 21 years.
  • Free Travel : Permanent residency visa holders are allowed to travel to and from USA without a visa.
  • Employment : There is no employment restrictions for Eb5 green card holders. They can obtain employment in any field.
  • Benefits : With USA permanent residency visa you will have access to medical benefits and social security.

USA also offers other immigration options for investors and business owners - which are L1 visa and E 2 Visa. As immigration consultants we will guide you way through the entire process of obtaining immigration to USA.

Why Choose Stratix ?

Stratix is a leading team of immigration consultants in Middle East with a rich experience of 5 years in the field of offering immigration services to those looking to relocate to a foreign country. To make your process hassle free, simple and expedited, our consultants practice full honesty and transparency in their work and are willing to help you at each stage.

  • Complete Assistance : Establishing a new business or a new branch in a foreign land requires a lot of understanding of the economic, financial and political rules and regulations prevalent in the country. There are a dozen of considerations to understand like level of investment, place of establishments, tax benefits, and most importantly the tedious paper work involved in registration of a new enterprise.
  • Technical Support : As a leading group immigration consultants in Dubai our services include providing complete assistance in establishing a new business in the US. We will also provide full support with filing the petition with USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) by proving the common ownership between both the USA and foreign company.
  • Customer Oriented Service : Stratix services stretch beyond just assisting you with the application procedure. We also provide invaluable support with the preparation of your business plan, advice relating to tax services and location of your business to ensure you satisfy all the requirements for an extension of your visa, and ultimately your Green Card.