Stratix – Immigration Consultants in Middle East offering Permanent Residency Prohgrams

With wide opportunities available for personal & professional growth all over the world the idea of relocating to a foreign land becomes seems to be lucrative for many individuals. In order to enjoy the benefits offered by certain countries we may consider the option of obtaining a permanent residency in the foreign country. By the virtue of permanent residency residency any individual can become a permanent resident in a country of which they are not citizens.

Our team of immigration consultants in Dubai and the Middle East will aid you in finding the appropriate permanent residency program that would benefit you and your entire family. Since each country offers some specific benefits to its permanent residents the options becomes vast further confusing the person. This is where our expert team of consultants will help you.

As an expert in permanent residency program consultants our team is well versed with the benefits offered by different countries, the permanent residency process as well as the rules and regulations involved. The home work is done from our end. All our clients need to do is to evaluate the options and make a choice.

Our immigration consultants have well devised permanent residency programs for Canada, US, Greece, Spain, Portugal & Malta. With Stratix consultants by your side we promise you transparent services, professional advice and a hassle free immigration process.